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Present and Past German Participles

When you are learning a new language, such as German it is wise to pay close attention to what you learn. German language changes often so it’s important to learn present and past German participles. In English language we not these present participles in the following sentence. “I want a hotel room with “running” water. The word quoted is an example of present participles. English usually translate the present participles with –ing endings. Germans however end forms –d to pronounce the same word: Laufen, means in German “running.” Notice this participle however does not apply the –d to verb infinitives. German’s almost always add adjectives when using present participles.

When learning new languages, such as German it is wise to learn the core vocabulary and words. This will help you to relate to what you learn easier. The core lists will show you examples of adjectives, nouns, verbs, etc.

Here is a list for your convenience, which can get you started in understanding adjectives and nouns:

German: der Feind –e meaning in English Enemy
der Freitag – e meaning Friday in English
hoch – means high in English
die Katze –n or cat
die Fassung –en or version
das Fieber or fever
das Bettuch – ‘er or bed sheet
der ehemann or husband
dokumentieren – or to document
der Bundeskanzler – or Federal Chancellor
groBartig or fantastic
das Gesicht – er or face
das Gewitter or thunderstorm
halb or half
der Kaffee – s or coffee
der Hut, ‘-e or hat
der Breweis – e or proof

This is a basic list of german, core vocabulary where adjectives are used. Notice in the areas where capitalization applies. Look at the –er or –e to help you pronounce the words correctly.

You have so much to learn when learning foreign languages. Take your time and explore the language you wish to learn, since it will help you to avoid mistakes or problems when communicating with fellow natives.

How do I find the complete core lists?

The Internet can offer you tools for exploring products that provide you the core lists. If you plan to attend schools to learn foreign languages, the instructors should provide you with materials that include the core list, dictionary, glossary, etc, if they don’t, you are in the wrong class. Notice in the test below some areas and try to relate to the language.

Here’s a test for you:

If you flat tons attend schools tons learn foreign LANGUAGEs, the instructors should provide you with material that include the core cunning, dictionary, glossary, etc., if they don’ t, you acres into the wrong class.

From this test, you can see that some of the foreign language spoken in German, is the same as it is spoken in English. When you search for online courses, or attend schools the instructors should offer you guides that brings out association and core lists.

In summary, you want to find programs, products or schools that help you learn the core of any language, otherwise you may not like what you learn. In so many schools, translators has mislead students, which began speaking languages and to find out what they learnt was misconstrued and lead to areas of concern. In some instances, miscommunications lead to fights.

What to look for in foreign language programs explained:

Thus, if you are searching for foreign language training courses or programs to help you learn, explore and research the lessons and so forth first, to make sure you are taught correctly. If you are not certain, visit your library or the Internet and look for guides that help you learn the effective ways in learning foreign languages. Remove any biological constraints to learn faster.

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