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Techniques in How to Learn Foreign Language

Today you will learn psychological techniques in how to learn foreign language. At what time you are thinking about learning a second language and culture but it seems like such a hard chore and exhausting. Learning can be done using psychological techniques to help you to remember and memorize each new word.

Psychological language for Spanish is a great way to help you speak and communicate with others. Taking a vacation where you can us your memory or take pictures will help you learn these techniques making it less stressful and easier for the memory to process.

Imagination has a lot to do with learning a new language. Putting words with pictures will help you to remember by imaging the pictures instead of the words. Putting your imagination and words together will help you learn this new skill in no time. Learn by using your imagination to make up stories with the images and sounds to form words.
Categorizing your words into groups

Start out by making a general basic list of words that you want to learn first. Take this list and form the list into groups like colors, furniture and so forth. Next, take these groups of words and make two list one using your language and the other using the foreign language. Practice by repeating each word saying your word and than the foreign one and imagine a picture of it as you practice.

You can make a game out of this list by mixing them up and than try to imagine what picture in your mind goes with the foreign word. Than connect it to the word you are accustomed to using.

When categorizing words into groups it gives the memory fewer resources to memorize. Assessing each word makes it easier to comprehend the other.

Delimiting by learning how words differ from others.

Learn and know the difference of how each word differs from another in each group of words. It is easier for the memory to process colors or sizes in comparison to another word than the word itself. Using sounds, images and meaning will help you to distinguish one word from another.

Story method in learning foreign languages:

Making up a story from your list or words using sounds and images will help the memory process easier as well. Write a story and fill in with the new words you’ve learned. As you learn a new word, add it in until the whole story is in the new language you are studying. Using the psychology way can help you learn foreign languages.

Words alone are harder to remember and take more memory process than remember a story about something. You need to use the words your learning not just memorizing them.

Writing sentences are good but putting them into a story form makes it easier. It is harder to remember 10 different things than it to remember one.

Loci-method is using clues in learning.

Clues will help the memory to process these words as well. Use images to make clues become words. Remembering a word is hard to do sometimes until you can see or think about a clue. Find a clue for each word by using images.

Sit outside or in the room where you’re studying and look around. Picture something that sounds, has the same color, or shape as the word; this is a clue. The clue can sometimes help you to remember the word your learning. Sometimes we all need a clue to remember something we’ve forgotten about.

Learning a foreign language is a new skill and gives you new knowledge of new cultures. Sometimes taking a vacation where the new language is used will help you with the learning process. Your images will come to you a lot easier if you have an idea of the surroundings. Taking pictures on your vacation is helpful so you can go over them to come up the images and clues to help you learn.

Be prepared to do a lot of studying and practice everyday all the time. You want to use your second language as much as possible to keep the memory alive. You didn’t learn your natural language overnight and this new foreign language will take time as well.

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